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August 5, 2013


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Basic information about the Cephius Original Species:

● Cephius is a closed species
● Adopted characters may be used for personal, roleplay, and original stories purposes
● You are free to modify the designs of the characters you own
● You are by no means obliged to follow the information listed (you are free to adapt the information / story to your own liking)


The most prominent features of a Cephius are its single or double halos, usually located around their ears, and cross-shaped patterns on their ears and/or skin. The colour of the halo(s) and cross patterns differ from individual to individual, and occasionally a Cephius may be an exception who lacks one of these traits. Many of them exibit the dominant white pupil phenotype. During development, Cephius are encased inside a wing-shaped womb. The wings are shed off after birth, and remnant wing scars remain on their backs.


Cephius is an ancient species of beings who reside inside the voids in time. Their primary purpose is to fill in time paradoxes left in human history. Whether it be an indefinite war or the existence (or non-existence) of a key individual, Cephius take the place of humans until history can once again become a smooth, continuous timeline. They act as the pillars supporting the steady flow of time behind the shadows.

Life Span

It is difficult to measure a Cephius's life span in terms of years. They typically continue their existence until they no longer have a purpose to do so. Upon fulfilling their purpose, a black hole appears on their chest and gradually absorb them into nothingness. Occasionally, a distinguished Cephius may earn the right to ascend into the heavens where they continue to live.


All Cephius possess a pair of halos at birth. As they mature however, many Cephius retain only one of them. One of their halo is given away when they find their significant other (this also serves as a way to delay the development of the black hole). In rare occurrences, they may also have their halo "stolen" by those who seek to extend their own lifespan. We can only imagine what had happened to those ghastly individuals who no longer posses any of their original halos.

Existing Cephius

Adoptables: Cephius [closed] by Talurea          Giveaway: Cephius [closed] by Talurea
  Adoptables: Cephius 2 [closed] by Talurea     Adoptables: Cephius 3 [closed] by Talurea
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